October 11th, 2010

light fantastic

Video of Seth's NYCC comments on Zac

I kinda meant to post the article with Seth's kettle corn comment but idk I was busy, it was small. However there is actually video of it and also a longer section on him later in the panel. And that is cooler, lol.

Kettle Corn:

More mancrush:

p.s. JSYK, I have a huge project finishing up soon and I am super busy with it. So if I seem less responsive to comments or slower posting, that's why. Fortunately for me there is not a whole lot happening at the moment, as I am quite distracted.
light fantastic

Happy first day on The Lucky One

IDK whether they actually are legit shooting yet but it's cool. Here's hoping The Lucky One cast and crew have a successful and safe shoot.

FWIW, they have been requesting extras and it sounds like they are possibly shooting most of the film in the Northshore area and some of it at local studios (possibly Second Line Studios).