August 27th, 2010

light fantastic

Project rumor: Heist Society

From pajiba (via jeezbee):
Back in February we announced that Warner Brothers had optioned Ally Carter’s Heist Society, to be written for the screen by Shauna Cross (Whip It). Today, the Hollywood Cog informs me that Blake Lively and Zac Efron have expressed interest in the roles to Warners. Here’s the funny part: Back in February, in a comment left on that original entry, BarbadoSlim suggested they get “Zac Efron in on this and one of the bimbos from Gossip Girl.” BarbadoSlim is not the Hollywood Cog. At least, that I know of.

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I like the writer and the concept of the story... someone somewhere said Ocean's Eleven meets The Italian Job. I'm iffy on the production company (same as TLO's coincidentally), pairing with Blake, and the strength/size of the role.

I know jeezbee is concerned it will skew too teen. The source material after all was a young adult story about a teen girl but they are writing the script to be about 20-somethings. Plus the way Blake's people have been positioning her with role choices, etc. I don't see them putting her in a movie that is aiming that young. I could be wrong about that though.

Of course, this is not at all set in stone. It may or may not be true, much less actually come together. But it is an intriguing project to me, especially if they make it a bit more mature and if it has a good director.