August 6th, 2010

light fantastic

A+ on banana peppers bb

Behold, the long-awaited Zac Attack hotdog!

Tweens, teens and Zac Efron lovers will get an opportunity to taste the heartthrob — in the form of a hotdog.

The “Zac Attack” dog is said to have been designed by Efron himself on May 20 when the actor visited Dougie Dog on Granville Street. It consists of a hotdog wiener topped with guacamole, onions, tomatoes, Swiss cheese and banana peppers.

The hotdog was presented to Efron on his 22nd birthday by Dougie Dog owners Dougieluv and Paul Granat, who was also Efron’s personal baseball coach during the filming of Charlie St. Cloud.

Dougieluv said he plans to start selling the Zac Attack this Friday.


light fantastic

Well, Jamba and a meeting with Summit I guess?

K... ik like Twilight D: but ok they have some good stuff too (aka Hurt Locker) so idk.

Someone mentioned he was gonna shop around Die in a Gunfight at some point. (Which, btw, as a script has great flair but kind of lacks on structure and follow-through plot-wise, just sayin'... fix a few things bb and you got a winner). So maybe that's the meeting.

Or maybe it is something else entirely. Who knows? :)

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