August 1st, 2010

light fantastic

Weekend numbers adjusted for Saturday

We knew Nikki had adjusted her numbers up and down a few times yesterday but with her numbers released this morning, it is clear her internal multiplier was too high (unfortunately):

From Deadline:

6. Charlie St Cloud (Universal) NEW [2,720 Dates]
Friday $5.6M, Saturday $3.8M, Weekend $12M

Rival studios thought Friday's result was frontloaded by Zac Ephron's [sic] High School Musical fans. So right. The pic fell a jaw-dropping -32% from Friday to Saturday, which is either a big error or proof that Zac needs to stick to light comedy. Actually, weeks of tracking had indicated a $13M weekend, in line with other movies of this genre. (Miley Cyrus' The Last Song debuted Easter weekend and its 3-day was $16M as a result.) Zac did everything publicity-wise including envelope openings to push this pic. But the marketing stupidly gave away the whole plot in the ads. Moviegoers gave it a "B+" Cinemascore overall but under-18s upped that to an "A-".

I'm still okay (but tinged slightly with sadness lol) about this number as it isn't out of a normal range for the genre... it is just on the lower end of it, but it has to be disappointing for Zac and co. Personally, I wouldn't say he should stick to light comedy, just stick to better movies with better studios who know better how to market their films and not mess them up. To me, it's clear he still has a fanbase and it still grows as he does, but it just seems like Universal did a good job of not compelling people to feel motivated to see it... there was an obvious difference in levels of fanaticism about this film compared to 17 Again everywhere (and even Me and Orson Welles on this lj).

How about this afternoon for a discussion post? I won't really be participating much as I am still in the middle of family stuff and haven't seen the movie (tonight, finally! though i pretty much know how the movie goes) but I know you guys are ready for one so I'm happy to oblige.