July 25th, 2010

light fantastic

Who can measure his candlepower?

I am not sleeping, I am posting cause I wanted to get to this... not exactly a review but idk, I like her words.

Zac Efron delivers high-impact performance in 'Charlie St. Cloud'
Carrie Rickey

Hard enough to be a teenager and blunder your way into maturity as a private citizen. Harder still for a teen idol to prove his manhood professionally as the fans watch. Leonardo DiCaprio did it. So, too, did Will Smith. Can Zac Efron, boy heartthrob of High School Musical, make the leap?

The answer may be Charlie St. Cloud, a Ghost-y weeper starring the former Tiger Beat centerfold as a Stanford-bound student who grieves - and grows - in the wake of family tragedy. Efron's performance is low-key but high-impact. The film from Burr Steers, who directed Efron in 17 Again, opens Friday.

The bed-head hair, triple-dip lashes, and seaglass-blue eyes that are Efron greet you en masse at Philadelphia's Ritz-Carlton. The St. Jude medal around his neck? A memento from the movie, and good-luck charm. Who can measure his candlepower? William Blake described his opposite when he wrote, "He whose face gives no light, shall never be a star."

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