July 12th, 2010

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Random News - TCAs Choice Summer Actor, Glamour UK Sexiest Men, Schedule

Zac was nominated for Choice Summer Movie Star Male at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards!

His competition: twiboys, Adam Sandler in Grown-Ups and Jaden Smith in Karate Kid.

You can vote for him in all three of his categories at teenchoiceawards.com

Zac on the list/poll for Glamour UK's 50 Sexiest Men. Vote here. (Please don't let JB win a sexiest man award. That's just wrong.)

Chicago out, Toronto in?

The Cubs first pitch thing has been cancelled so in combination with the AV Club interview being cancelled, I'm guessing Chicago is out as a junket stop.

Someone twittered that supposedly Zac is going to be in Toronto on Thursday. Unclear if true. That makes a rather a tight schedule since he is supposedly in LA Wednesday and Friday. I wonder if maybe they mean next Thursday? IDK. Wait and see.

And TY to Marie who noticed that Zac is mentioned for two upcoming episodes of Entertainment Tonight:

July 13th - "We Play Ball with Zac Efron"
July 15th - "Zac Efron & Will Ferrell" (and ESPYs)

I'm waiting for the other Philadelphia interviews to get posted. And then I'll do a third post with more pics and twitters and stuff.
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Zac's voice to be in Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III

From Deadline:

Adult Swim and the Robot Chicken gang have teamed for Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode III, a third installment in the highly-rated series of specials, which will premiere on December 12. And this time, there is a heartthrob infusion into the geek squad, with Zac Efron on board to voice Anakin Skywalker.


"We're telling more of a linear story this time that covers the series from start to finish," says Green. Added Senreich says, "We wanted to take the Star Wars universe and see if through the eyes of our Robot Chicken: Star Wars Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, Boba Fett and Gary the Stormtrooper. We'll still flip around the universe but we'll get a unique perspective from the bad guy side, from people who just want to rule the universe."

Sweet :D

He gets to be a jedi. HAHAHAHA.

I have this interview post, all ready to go, except for that Q102 Radio :( I may just go ahead and post it anyway. I'm tired of waiting.
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Stop 1: Philadelphia, Part C

The Ten Show

Also for those outside the US, the interview is on YouTube (Part 1, Part 2) or here.

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Good Day Philadelphia/Fox

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Fanpics/Meet and Greet

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I know there is another radio interview with the Logan Show on 106.1. I'm going to wait to post the whole thing tomorrow when it airs, but if you want to listen to a preview here and another bit here.

And maybe someday I'll get to post the Q102 Interview. Someday.
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New Projects: Untitled Workplace Comedy and Art of the Steal

From THR:

Warner Bros. has picked up an untitled workplace comedy by Jason Filardi for Zac Efron to star in and produce. Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot are in negotiations to produce via their Offspring Entertainment banner.

Attaching himself to the Filardi workplace comedy is the latest move for Efron, who set up his production shingle at Warners in February but has quietly been putting the pieces together with his manager, Alchemy Entertainment's Jason Barrett.

The company now has a name -- Ninjas Runnin' Wild Prods. -- and has staffed up, with former Fox executive Jason Young coming aboard as head of development and to act as point person at NRW. Young spent five years at Fox, working on "X-Men: The Last Stand," "Live Free or Die Hard" and "Max Payne," among other movies.

Angie Edgar, a former assistant and creative executive at Alchemy, has been tapped to act as NRW's creative executive.

Barrett will oversee NRW's operations with Efron.

The Filardi workplace comedy, on which Barrett also will be a producer, is a reuniting of the team behind "17 Again," Efron's high school body-switch comedy that grossed $136 million worldwide last year. The film allowed Efron to move beyond his "High School Musical" roots while trying to build on his core audience.

In addition to that comedy, the following projects are in development at NRW:

-- "Art of the Steal," set up at Warners three weeks ago, has Kevin McCormick's Langley Park Prods. producing with NRW. The project, centering on a master thief, is based on the Wired magazine article by Joshua Bearman; the producers are out to writers.

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In a time in which much of the industry is cutting back or contracting, NRW's strategy is unusual for its broad base. The company has been aggressive in finding vehicles and opportunities for Efron, rather than waiting for the studios to come calling.

It also has been transitioning the 22-year old Efron into an adult actor. Such projects as "Fire" and "Snabba" are designed to expand his portfolio to include an action thriller and an edgy drama while also allowing him to work with such Hollywood players as Roven and Moritz.

Efron, also repped by CAA, next stars in the coming-of-age drama "Charlie St. Cloud," which Universal opens July 30.