July 10th, 2010

seahawks rule says z

A couple pics and Wonderland mag news

Oh so idk where this is from (I'm guessing Ben Watts maybe???) but it was posted to twitter:

Plus, Collapse )

And Zac will be featured in Wonderland magazine in their September/October issue. I've heard a few things about the shoot and it sounds a bit like a modern, European, high fashion spin on 50s greaser... for those familiar, more L'Uomo Vogue or V than Elle or GQ. Exciting!

And more details about the July 14 Dallas Angelika screening popped up here. I've got a few more advanced screenings to add to the schedule page, so check that in a bit :)
seahawks rule says z

Zac in InStyle August 2010

From dadeeyo:


Last spring, Zac Efron, the blue-eyed, touseled-haired singing-and-dancing phenom (born of the HSM franchise) tried to be a regular dude for a day. "I wanted to go to the Coachella Music Festival (in Indio, Calif.), to be in the crowd and see the bands without any VIP stuff," says the 22-year-old who'll next be onscreen in the romantic drama Charlie St. Cloud.  "So I grew a kind of prepubescent mustache and nobody recognized me."  Efron was amazed but triumphant.  "It was so liberating and all it took was that."