June 24th, 2010

light fantastic

News Roundup - umm... lots of stuff, lol

Let's see...

A few other surfing pics were posted here... since they're kind of old now, idk I'll just post one of my favs:

From the Me and Orson Welles Facebook:

Nikki was asked in a recent interview Collapse )

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Also there were a lot of lulzy references to Zac and HSM on ABC's The Wipeout the other night as Zac/HSM fan Peet Montzingo competed for his chance to participate in the Wipeout Zone. I lol'd. If you want to lol too you can watch here on ABC's site. International people... it probably doesn't work, so I'm sorry in advance :(

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One last thing... reading random twitters I can see there is definitely an increase in chatter about premiere prep and interviews, so hopefully some of those details will be revealed soon :)