May 5th, 2010

light fantastic

Matt Prokop mentions Zac

During an interview for Furry Vengeance, HSM3 castmate Matt Prokop had this to say about the HSM cast:

It was definitely a family that stuck after the movie finished and we still hang out, go out to lunch, dinner or movies. We still try and hang out as much as possible."

And when the interviewer asked Matt about getting advice from Zac, he had this to say:
Not really necessarily just advice, he's kind of always just willing to help out. If I ever have an audition, he's willing to work on it with me. He's just a really good guy, always down to help and doesn't really judge anyone.

It won't embed, but there is a video of the interview at the source.
light fantastic

Confirmation of Charlie St Cloud reshoots

From assistant location manager W Robert Millar's blog (via ff):
Currently, I am in the early phase of prep on some additional photography for Charlie St. Cloud. That's about all I can or will say. I can't wait for it's release. It was one of those film projects that was amazing from top to bottom. Loved every minute of it! So, if Wilde Kingdom starts up after the CSC filming, my year should be pretty booked for now. Always a good thing.

He's probably purposefully unclear as to exactly when this will happen, though if they are sticking with July 30th, they don't have too much time to spare.