April 29th, 2010

light fantastic

Help me decide if Zac's tip is good or bad

Poll #1558055 What is your opinion on Zac Efron's 2 movie ticket tip

Zac Efron's 2 movie ticket tip?

I like movies :)
I'd like them more if Zac was coming with... I'd even watch Avatar.... again.
Cash is better/Movie tickets don't pay the rent
Slightly Douchey/Cheap Bastard (they probably don't even cover 3D)
Highly dubious because who carries movie tickets around on them all the time but not cash
Just breathing the same air as Zac should be enough

eta: I should add that we've heard from other people before (#1, #2) that he's tipped really well so his douchiness probably doesn't usually extend to this, lol.