April 1st, 2010

light fantastic

Happy April Foolz GUYZ!!!

LOL I'm too lazy/busy to come up with my own joke but Den of Geek did a good one, posting that Zac Efron will star in a remake of Rocky IV. I don't think they realized that in posting this, they kind of also gave Zac a great early half-birthday present since he likes the Rocky movies... lolz.

From Sugar mag, like maybe a million years ago (ok really in February '07):

More recently:

There was also a joke story about Spider-Man.

Oh and shrewtee might try to convince you that Zac hates public restrooms, but DO NOT BELIEVE HER LIES.
light fantastic

Mention by Amanda Seyfried

From an interview with Amanda by the San Francisco Chronicle:

Q: Now that you're established, do you see yourself making more studio films, or independents?

A: I'll probably make more studio films. It's hard for everybody; it feels like there's no imagination right now, but it's even tougher (to make an independent). I'm trying to get this independent film made right now that I love, that I'm totally signed on for. And I can't get Zac Efron, and we can't get Ed Harris. You've got to have all your balls in play."

O rly? I wonder if the project sucked? Or if he's just busy.

Someday I suppose we will find out what the project is, whether it sucks and what he actually is doing next. That last bit is of greatest interest, of course.