January 11th, 2010

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Charlie St. Cloud News Roundup: Pics, mentions, cast/crew stuff

Some random set pics (only one w/ Zac):

^with Reverend Polk (via ZF)

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From Empire Magazine's The Big 2010 Preview - Teen Heartthrobs:

Zac Efron is leaving his singing and dancing days behind him to twinkle his acting toes in Charlie St. Cloud on JUNE 25 [UK]. An adaptation of the slightly wet but rather charming book by Ben Sherwood, he plays a young man who keeps a promise to his dead brother never to leave him behind by living in a graveyard so he can hang out with his brother's ghost - until, of course, a girl comes along. After Me and Orson Welles this is only Efron's second grown-up starring role, so it will be interesting to see if he can confirm his status as a future superstar.

To be honest, it irritates me that everyone (and by everyone I mean specifically this outfit along with Dark Horizons) seems to forget about 17 Again. Clearly that wasn't a drama, and I know for some odd reason the film industry views comedy as a lesser art form, but I think the fact that Zac's comedy outperformed those of Matthew McConaughey, Will Ferrell, and Adam Sandler should mean something to Hollywood. Plus if we want to delve into semantics, technically 17 Again was a more grown up role than either Me and Orson Welles or Charlie St. Cloud... since he mostly played a 37-year-old. But whatever, I'm being difficult.

Excerpts from an article on article on Charlie St. Cloud camera operator Steve Campanelli

It's been a year of learning curves for Vancouver-trained camera operator Steve Campanelli.

First, he went to South Africa with Morgan Freeman, Matt Damon and director Clint Eastwood to shoot the inspirational rugby story Invictus. Then he came back to Vancouver and hit the waters of English Bay with Zac Efron, finding their sea legs in the sailing-centred drama The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud. Collapse )

I'm just going to link to this, but there is a great article about Charlie St. Cloud producer Marc Platt at THR: Former studio exec Marc Platt has become a top producer. The way they describe Marc's personality, it seems there are some interesting parallels between him and Zac.

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light fantastic

Paging Dr. LOL QUE? Pear. Stat.

This I take a lot less seriously than the Baseline stuff but still, even imdb does have standards for submission so who knows? Not that I think it is a bad idea. The Hangover was awesome. If the sequel is just as awesome then this is gold. But it is a wut idea, especially as 'Zac Efron...Himself'. Can't wait for the script to leak.