December 12th, 2009

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Misc MAOW videos, articles + Cinematical interview


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Article Links

The Globe and Mail with Christian, there is one excerpt I have to pull from this:

Speaking of young actors, your co-star is teen idol Zac Efron. What's it like to be a working artist all your adult life and suddenly find yourself beside a kid who's on lunchboxes all over the world? Did you ever just want to kick him?

No! No! Ha! He became my friend! It's not his fault he's on a million lunchboxes. Now, I was introduced, via Zac, to extraordinary celebrity and fame, but that's not Zac. Zac's an actor, an actor with enormous potential.

SDNN, lovely interview with Christian
Toronto Star interview with Claire Danes
Slackerwood interview with Richard and Christian
Fast Forward Weekly/See with Christian
Vue Weekly with Christian
Louisville Courier Journal with Richard

More redundant:
Canadian Press with Richard
Philadelphia Daily with Richard with Christian
CityTV with Richard

This link is sort of half review, half an account of the viewing experience at Lincoln Plaza Cinemas where the blogger received one of the Orson cards.

And finally, this link is also kind of a mix half review, half a lot of background info.
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News Roundup - Best of 2009 stuff, some articles, 2 lol tumblrs

Best/Hottest/Sexiest... favorite iPhone obsessed?

In wrapping up the '00s, Billboard featured the best selling soundtracks of the decade. HSM1 was No. 2, HSM2 was No. 5, HSM3 was No. 19.

Zac was voted No. 4 by readers of OK! Magazine in the "Hottest 25 Stars Under 25": Collapse )

Zac is featured in People's Best of 2009 in "Armed and Dangerous: Biggest Guns of the Year".

Zac is also No. 2 on PopSugar's 12 Sexiest Shirtless Men.

You can vote for Zac as "Your favorite iPhone obsessed celeb of 2009" here.


LOL this story from Angela Griffin's Mirror blog:

We also had Aidan McArdle on from Beautiful People. He's been working on the film Me And Orson Welles with Zac Efron - who is my secret celebrity crush!

They were filming in the Isle of Wight and there were loads of paps absolutely everywhere desperate for a pic of Zac. Aidan said every day he'd be in the lift and Zac would get in having just been to the gym, wrapped in a towel, with sweat dripping from the steam room. He said he thought: 'All I have to do is take my camera into the lift and I could get £500,000 and buy my house!'

I'd love to have Zac on the show - just to look at! I wonder if my husband would mind me interviewing him since I rave about him all the time!

Also two interesting articles on Young Hollywood: "Hollywood bratpack: The boys are back", Joe O'Shea

Independent UK "Heart-throbs! Hollywood's leading leading men", Kate Youde

This article is slightly older but with all the other news, I decided to wait to post it. I'm not sure their intentions are truly good but I think it is interesting anyway cause the article topic is very similar to what Zac said (and something I agree with) in the IFC interview. He needs to find a mentor and collaborative artistic partner... Collapse )


Two really random things from tumblr: Zac and Ben and Zac/meta/deconstruction... both rather lol but I want to link them so I never lose them.
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Glamour UK Article

onlyjustwhisper graciously typed this up for oldmarrieds and I have stolen it, lol. Also under the cut, scans of the article from FF.

We know that Zac Efron can sing, dance and set teenage girls' hearts alight (OK, and ours too), but can he really make it as a grown-up actor? This month, he just might.

Zac Efron, at 22, has been so dizzyingly famous for so long now, so permanently surrounded by paparazzi and screaming girls, that the sight of an empty pavement has become a thing of curious beauty to him. Today he's in Vancouver, where he's been filming on and off since last summer. "I've had total freedom here," he smiles, all teeth, flawless skin and those mythological eyebrows. "I can leave my apartment, walk around, I feel like I got my life back. I've never seen so much sidewalk before. It's beautiful!"

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Mythological eyebrows: