December 1st, 2009

light fantastic

Me and Orson Welles Austin, Pics

Christian was nominated for a Spirit Award for Supporting Actor. Awesome news!

Now for pics!

There are a few more at the sources and the first source has HQs if desired.

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Also there is a great video here of someone named Stephen meeting Zac on the red carpet... it's cute and it also really shows how chaotic it is.

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light fantastic


Inspired by People Magazine's top pics of 09, I decided to do my own top pics of Zac from 2009 to celebrate the end of the year.

Now I'm not quite ready to start with that but when Audrey asked me to do a picspam tonight I decided I'd do a quick survey of my 2008 fave pics as practice.

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Also just FYI, queenwashu was at the Austin screening and recorded the Q&A. If you'd like to download the file, it is available here.