November 22nd, 2009

light fantastic

Video of the Premiere on IOM

Manx Radio has two brief clips available to listen to - one about the crowd and one of Zac speaking about the Isle of Man.

And another article popped up about Robert Kaplow, author of Me and Orson Welles. Read it here. There was a pic included with the article:

There was also an article about the DC trip by Poptimal which included two pics:

Lastly, there was a great NY Times article about Orson Welles and the film entitled "Citizen Welles as Myth in the Making" with quotes/info from Richard and Christian.
light fantastic

MAOW Post - IOM story & fan pics, reviews, updated schedule

Pic from London:

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And a link to the article "Orson Welles on the up — and down" about Orson and the film.

Updated Schedule

November 22nd: St. Louis International Film Festival screening
November 23rd: The View (Zac, Claire)
                        The Early Show (Zac, Claire)
                        Apple Store Soho Event (Richard)
                         NY premiere (all presumably)
November 24th: David Letterman (Zac)
                        Jimmy Fallon (Claire)
November 25th: Limited release in NY and LA
November 30th: Austin, TX prem (Zac, CM, RL per here, tix on sale 11/10)
December 1st: San Francisco Screening (Richard and Christian, Wellesnet
December 2nd: Seattle International Film Festival Screening
December 4th: UK Release
                       Limited US expansion (per BOM)
                       Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, DC, Houston, Louisville, Philadelphia, San Diego, SF (per twitter)
December 6th: British Independent Film Awards (Christian)
December 8th: Advanced screening in Dallas
December 11th: Canada Release
                        Another US expansion (per BOM)

Also, Edge Boston is having a giveaway for tickets to an advanced screening but they do not say what the date is.