November 5th, 2009

light fantastic


we infiltrated the party (but not in any sort of nefarious way okay? we are peace, love, cinnamon, happiness and unicorns here). and by we i mean, vilain_garcon:

no word on if he was able to ask zefron if he's seen a very potter musical, lol. :D :D

peace out, i have to go to sleep srsly. but hopefully there will be more pics tomorrow morning and maybe an inside scoop (or two!) :D
light fantastic

Is he number 17?

As in 17 Again? I can't tell.

Zac Efron and his hockey jersey


ETA: here is a link to some girl's blog report about last night.

Best part:

It was very dim lit but I heard a voice that one (such as myself) could never forget, ever, and it said this: "Hey man, yeah I'm headed to the restroom real quick but I'll be over in few."


You know when you see movie montages where wind is blowing through a hunky-character's hair and there is a bright light behind them, making them appear as if they are holy is some way? That's pretty much what happened. And angels sung hallelujah too (I'm sure of it).