October 29th, 2009

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NR: War of the Worlds reair, MAOW screenings/review, Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (?)

Based on a few twitters, it sounds like Zac was at the U2/BEP concert last night in Vancouver. Hope he had a good time.

Also tomorrow night, Me and Orson Welles is hosting a rebroadcast of Orson Welles' famous radio narration of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds. They will air it at 8pm EST, which happens to be 71 years to the minute after it was broadcast originally. If you'd like to listen in, click here.

In review and screening news, there was a screening last night in LA and Jack Black was there. I love Jack Black, that is all.

The Terrace Theater review was actually from a different screening fwiw.

There was a lovely review that popped up: Collapse )

Also there was an interesting discussion of McKay's Oscar chances was in the LA Times. Collapse )

Oh and one random thing... I keep reading how Zac has been invited to and is anticipated to be at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix along with other actors including Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Gerard Butler and Daniel Craig. Also listed as invited, Bill Clinton and Bill Gates.

I have serious doubts about this (though you never do know, lol) but what a group of guys to be listed with.

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Possible clue to Charlie St. Cloud's US release date

Universal Studios French website (via twitter) lists June 23, 2010 as the French release date for The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud.

It's hard to say with any certainty what that means for the US release date because occasionally films release internationally much later than their US date. But I think there is a good chance it will release in the US around the same time.

Zac Efron, Charlie St. Cloud to be released June 23?
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Georgetown Screening November 10th

According to Vox Populi (staff blog of the Georgetown Voice, a weekly newsmagazine at Georgetown University), Zac and Claire Danes will be at a November 10th screening of Me and Orson Welles. They will also be part of a panel discussion after the screening. The blog is giving away two tickets to this special screening as part of a costume contest, no word on how else tickets might be acquired.

So building on the list Audrey put together, this is the schedule as far as we know:

November 10th: Georgetown screening (Zac and Claire)
November 11th: Houston CinemaArtsFest screening (Richard)
November 18th: UK premiere (all presumably)
November 21st: Isle of Man premiere (Richard)
November 22nd: St. Louis International Film Festival screening
November 23rd: NY premiere (all presumably)
November 23rd: The Graham Norton Show airs (appearance not confirmed, films 11/19)
November 25th: Limited release in NY and LA
November 30th: Austin, TX premiere (all presumably)
December 6th: British Independent Film Awards (Christian)

I am guessing the LA premiere will happen between the 12th and 17th.

We're getting so close, it's so exciting!

Zac Efron and Christian McKay in Me and Orson Welles