October 23rd, 2009

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Charlie St. Cloud officially wrapped

It is always weird how bittersweet this kind of news is to me, especially since I am not a part of these productions at all. But I guess I think back to how difficult it was when we got to the end of a run on a show in high school or college. It was such a rush, that final moment... filled with fondness, excitement and joy, yet tinged with sadness. Ugh. I'll blame this melancholy on the very late (or very early) hour. Hugs to all.

light fantastic

Chris Massoglia talks Charlie St. Cloud and Zac

From Teen Vogue:

What's next for you?

I'm playing Zac Efron's little brother in The Life and Death of Charlie St. Cloud. The movie is about these two brothers--Charlie (who's played by Zac) and Sam. They get into a car accident and Charlie survives, but Sam doesn't. Though, at sunset, Charlie can see and talk to Sam's ghost. I play the grown up, eighteen year-old version of Sam.

How was working with Zac?

He's such a cool guy. I was impressed by how he just was so chill, even though he has so much to deal with. After filming, he would sign autographs for like an hour an [sic] a half.
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Me and Orson Welles post

From Vue:

LOL... somehow I managed to hit enter way before I was done with this post. I've got more to add to this so hang on guys and I'll update.

ETA: A company called Fluid Mastering twittered this:

A few reviews/articles:

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This one was from last year, but I don't remember posting it and somehow (possibly Twitter?) it surfaced again.

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Three slightly peripheral (to Zac and/or MAOW) articles I will just link to:

Wellesnet.com - "Orson Welles says, 'It was like this..'"

Guardian UK - "The most glorious film failure of them all"

David Thomson on Orson Welles