October 19th, 2009

light fantastic

News Roundup - Nylon full video, a few MAOW reviews...

I keep distracting myself and not posting these things... but here we go:

Zac Efron

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2 MAOW reviews:

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And it sounds like Zac had a really good time last night, lol. Also, fyi, word on the street is the Charlie St. Cloud wrap party is tonight.

Zac and 17 Again nominated for People's Choice Awards 2010

Zac was nominated to be a nominee for Favorite Movie Actor and 17 Again was nominated for Favorite Comedy and Favorite Independent Movie (lol idek).

Zac Efron and 17 Again nominations for People's Choice Awards

Vote early and vote often, my friends.


ETA: I should clarify that this round of voting is to choose the nominees. I didn't realize it at first tbh, but it was brought up to me on twitter and I saw it on FF. That makes much more sense.