September 1st, 2009

light fantastic

Sounds like they are on a soundstage today...

Assuming this account is legit (and I think it is), Ming Na from Stargate Universe has twittered about Zac being on the lot with them:

A prod manager for SGU has also twittered Zac is on the lot.

And to tide you over since we probably won't get pics today, two of my favorites:

eta: i meant to add these but forgot, lol

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light fantastic

Zac needs to host SNL again, as soon as possible, please and ty.

guys twitter @nbcsnl to suggest zac efron as a host for this season.

as improbable as it might be, i want him back on snl asap, lol.

and i've decided they need to do a mutant school musical sketch with all this ridiculous chatter about disney forcing a recast of zac as wolverine and turning all marvel properties into musicals. it would be hilarious.

i still think they should do one based on that silly saturday night fever rumor. have jt and jimmy fallon cameo as the gibb brothers and zefron as tony. perfection!

what other skits does zefron need to do?

^good lord this picture.