August 22nd, 2009

light fantastic

Locations Update and a lucky person stumbled upon the set

I'm gonna make this friends only just cause I feel weird blogging so openly about very specific filming locations. That doesn't matter now, so switching to public. Enjoy!



1) Deep Cove... it appears from various Twitters they are using the high school in Deep Cove to film Charlie's high school graduation scenes. There are a bunch of twitterers going in on Monday for background work. source, among others)

5) Eagle Harbor... this may have just been their dock for the sailing scenes, but they may have also filmed some of the award ceremony scenes here.

6) North Vancouver Cemetery... some of the cemetery scenes (source)

7) Central Park, Burnaby... more cemetery scenes. (source)

For the original locations post (with details on 2-4), click here.

A woman named Mandy happened across the Charlie St. Cloud set while looking for Twilight stuff.

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I'm surprised she thought it was such a cool encounter even though he couldn't stop for a photo... I guess she realizes he is actually working. But I do hope she gets to go back with her daughter and get a pic at a more opportune time, maybe at the end of filming another day.