June 11th, 2009

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Zac and Media Saturation by Jeezbee

jeezbee posted this in comments on the last post, but I thought I'd post it separately to keep the comments more organized and because I'm really bored and wanted to make a new post. And hey, I even threw in some pretty things to look at, in case words are hard for you today, lol.

Since there is no news I thought I put something up for discussion I've been thinking about recently (I hope you don't mind C).

When one of the movie sites I'm reading (HitFix) recently reported on the MMA they commented that Zac is the second-most overexposed actor right now and recommended that it would be good for him to disappear for good 6 months:

"Poor Robert Pattinson can't escape the public eye, but Zac Efron may need to try and step out of it for a good six months. From "HSM3" to the Oscar show to hosting "Saturday Night Live" to promoting "17 Again," Efron is close to a publicity saturation level. The last thing he needed was to appear as much on the MTV Movie Awards as he did on Sunday night. Without a break, he might be throwing back drinks with the Jonas Brothers remembering "the good ol' days" sooner than he thinks."

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