June 2nd, 2009

light fantastic

Entourage seems to be official:

Also from the NY Times:

"It was a busy morning at the Beverly Wilshire, a luxury hotel at Wilshire Blvd. and Rodeo Drive, smack between the agencies formerly known as Endeavor and William Morris (and just a stone’s throw from the United Talent Agency, to boot).

Just outside, a couple of dozen production-crew types were loading equipment from what must have been a night or early morning shoot. The show: “Entourage,” in which Jeremy Piven plays Ari Gold, who is loosely modeled on Ari Emanuel, a driving force behind the recent merger of Endeavor and William Morris."

From E! Online:

HBO confirms to E! News exclusively that Zefron filmed scenes for the show's upcoming sixth season at the Beverly Hills Niketown store on Tuesday morning.

But what happened? Will he be tangling with Adrian Grenier's Vincent or is he Ari Gold's (Jeremy Piven) newest big "get"? Here's what we're hearing...

"He was filming a scene and talking on his cell phone," says one Niketown employee. "None of the other Entourage cast was here. He was really nice."

Efron was strictly business and did not snag any Nike gear for himself. An onlooker says he and the Entourage film crew arrived around 9 a.m., before the store opened, to shoot his scene.

"He was wearing sunglasses, and he left in a limo with another guy," says the eyewitness.
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light fantastic

Zac went to the Hangover premiere

From WB's twitter:

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Also Universal has made a website for casting Sam St. Cloud: http://www.iamsamstcloud.com.

If you go to the site, you can download the sides for Sam and get a little bit of insight into what changes have been made in the transition from novel to screenplay.

ETA: comingsoon.net mentions, "Please note that all who audition must be available for work from July 2009 through October 2009," which fits what we've heard.