May 31st, 2009

seahawks rule says z

Happy MTV Movie Awards Morning!

Yeah idk, lol but I wanted to remind everyone of adorable he was last year (and no I don't just mean his haircut).

You'd think he'd have guessed he won since they bothered to fly him and Vanessa out from HSM3's tight shooting schedule to be there, but he seemed pretty taken aback when they announced his name.

EDIT: The video won't embed because MTV is a lametard. Instead, click here to watch the video at their site.

And to make amends here is some lovely precious picspam from last year:


only downside all the twilight stuff they'll be whoring, boo

eta: if you are bored today you can watch the red carpet prep here.
light fantastic

Apparently Zac has a long history with KOL


"Then even later last night, Kings of Leon ran through their stunning performance of “Use Somebody.” This will be the first time the guys are performing live on MTV, and despite having played at countless big festivals and concerts, they’re a little nervous about performing in front of such a celeb-packed audience. But with a song as good as “Use Somebody,” I don’t think they’ve got anything to worry about, especially considering their friend Zac Efron will be sitting front and centre. Apparently, many years ago before Zac signed on for “High School Musical,” the band was throwing a party in their hotel room. They had run to the corner store to pick up beer, and when they had difficulty carrying the crates up to their room, a then-unknown Zac Efron and his buddy passed by and offered them a hand. Kings of Leon didn’t remember the story until Zac came up to them later at an event and reminded them. They’ve been friends ever since. Good story, right?"

LOL... but did they let him party?
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seahawks rule says z

MTV Movie Awards 2009 Post

MTV's Live Feeds here and here

Eventually X17 will have one too. X17's feed:

You can enter questions at their chat here.

JUST KIDDING X17 SUCKS, lol. Yeah, maybe their feed will work soon, idk.

I'll add stuff as we go.

Oh and you can twitter MTV: @mtvawards


^wtf at his shoes. ewwwwwww.....

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LOL. Oh and here's a live feed from shrewtee via ontd:
seahawks rule says z

MTV Movie Awards 2009 - Post-Show Post


But JHC could there have been a more awkward way to win?

A couple of things, one my scrapbook died midway through the last post. I just need to have a moment to say how amazing my scrapbook has been. And how sucky that it's limit is two gigs.

But no worries, I just made a second lj to store pics. W/E :D

Also I probably won't add any new HQ pics to this post tonight but will do a separate 'my fav hqs' tomorrow morning.

If the videos turn up on YT asap, I'll make a new post for that. But here is what we have so far:

A few HQs

First two, click for super HQs (thanks to bond_girl

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From Marc Malkin's Twitter:

And now I am going to sit back and enjoy the replay on MTV.

ETA: I forgot to include this from USA Today:

Zac Efron, on the other hand, will be taking some time off this summer.

"I'm remembering what life is like without red carpets again," he said. "I feel like my head is back on straight, because it was off for a minute."