May 27th, 2009

light fantastic

Hairspray post - Adam's twitters and some misc pics

Adam Shankman has been twittering about the status of Hairspray 2. Nice to hear progress is being made and that they are going into this with the right goals and intentions.

Also since we're on the topic of Hairspray, glamour_addict sent over a few more older pics of Hairspray promotion in Japan to post.

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And not new, but one of my favorite zefron moments ever:

light fantastic

The LA Times is just as gullible as everyone else

This is from an LA Times article today about Twitter:

"Every celebrity from Ashton to Zac Efron is Twittering, and it was even the subject on Oprah last month."

UMMM, hello? Fact check? Does anyone even do that anymore?


How many times does he have to say it?

Let's get Mark Milian to acknowledge and fix this error.

Please feel free to flood the comments here:

You can email him here: mark.milian @

Or you can Twitter at him here:

Please share with him this URL:

or for you Twitterers:

(ETA, feel free to copy/paste: @mmilian zac efron does not twitter

Which is this video: