May 24th, 2009


Two more polls and a couple randomish articles

POLL: Buzz Sugar - Best Saturday Night Live Host this year

Amy Adams would vote for him here too... yes, even over JT (lol, sorry modernthirst eta: and shrewtee).

Oh and another one:

POLL: Pop Sugar - Which Shirtless Guy Do You Want to Spend Memorial Day With? :D ------------>

You guys were talking about SNL ratings in the comments. I couldn't find some weekends, but this is kind of what I assembled for the Spring from some dude's blog at the Orlando Sentinel:

steve martin 5.2
alec baldwin 5.3?
tracy morgan 5.1
seth rogen 4.9
zac 5.1
jt 5.3
will 5.4

Not very comprehensive details tbh, lacking total viewers and such from Nielsen. Those are hard to come by though for late-night tv, unless you have direct access. So that's probably the best we can do, but it gives you an idea though of how the audience trended.

Also, Variety mentioned Me and Orson Welles in an article about Cannes. Nothing interesting just a puff piece, if you will, about titles of movies screened there. Quite possibly this will be all we'll here about it but Collapse )

You probably all know Zac was parodied in Dance Flick (no brainer that he would be). The character modeled after him was named Jack and the dude who played him, Brennan Hillard, hopes Zac isn't mad about it... honestly I can't imagine Zac is, it's just how it goes. But anyway, this kid talked about how he admires Zac and also gave his tips on mimicking Zac to People Magazine... Collapse )

I will be on and off the computer today, busy with home stuff, so I may not be available instantly but I am checking in every so often.