May 18th, 2009

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Me and Orson Welles to be screened at Cannes

I was hoping for this:

"At the [Cannes] festival, which ends on Sunday, Me and Orson Welles, a production starring Zac Efron filmed in the Isle of Man last year, will be screened."

LOL I think I wish I could go to this screening more than the SXSW or Woodstock screenings for some reason.

And maybe Zac will stop by for some MAOW promo on his way home. I would, if I were him. :D

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ETA: I should say, this is not a screening associated directly with the festival... it is probably being screened only for prospective buyers. It is a good time to do so because a lot of buyers will be in Cannes. Unless Zac shows up to schmooze the buyers, it probably will not get more press than the article above.
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Okay this 17 Again interview from Vanity Fair's German website is a little bit strange for how open he is but w/e. I've stolen the translation from FF but I've included both versions and if any of the German speakers on here have any corrections to suggest, let me know:

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Oh and this is friends only because otherwise the copyright police might ban it.

Fuck it. If they can't be bothered to conduct a legitimate interview without stealing from other sources, I can't be bothered not to steal from them.
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Misc Scans

I've been holding on to these scans for some unknown reason but thanks to glamour_addict for scanning them.

Entertainment Weekly's - Breaking Up with Disney (click for large versions):

Misc Scans from Japanese Fan Magazines

I tried to leave out scans of stuff we already had but if I failed, sorry, lol. Oh and I was to lazy to resize too :D

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