April 27th, 2009

light fantastic

Pics from Zac's visit to ESL on MTV tr3s

These are from earlier in the month but I haven't posted them yet so enjoy some pretties:


ALSO in the better late than never category: Zefron and V went out to eat with Adam Lambert sometime in late March (maybe before the KCAs?).

Story that went with it:

Ok, so my brother and his wife and kids walked into their local deli last week and they walked in at the same time as Adam. He was there to have dinner with Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. My neice, who is 5, has a huge crush on Zac. She’s not that fond of Vanessa. *Smile* My sister in law talked to them and they invited my niece and nephew to come and sit with them, but both were too shy. After they ate though, my nephew, who is 3, did go over and give them each a little sucker-lollipop.

I sometimes wonder if the early AI contestants feel gypped by the attention and shit lavished on the contestants now. It seems like they get a lot more out of it now. Or maybe that is just my perception of it, since I don't really watch anymore and just read about it on ONTD.