April 26th, 2009

light fantastic

Zac at the Berlin Premiere of 17 Again, more Berlin touristy pics

This is either a clever marketing gimmick, ie Zac actually is 17 Again, or something... idk. W/E he still looks precious of course.

But what I'm getting at is, this pic looks like it could've been pulled from HSM1 promo:

HSM1 vintage Zac:

See what I mean?

It's the hair, I know. I don't really care if it is long, tbh, just so long as it is clean and it isn't looking like Troy Bolton circa 2006, lol.

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More out and about in Berlin:

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Visiting the Reichstag:

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ETA, numbers from Nikki Finke:

Showing that Zac Efron has legs with his tween/teen fanbase, No. 2 went to 17 Again from New Line/Warner Bros with $3.9 million (down 60% from its opening last Friday) from 3,255 dates and $4.8 million Saturday. It did jump up from 3rd place with its weekend tally reaching $11.3M for a new cume of $39.6M.

Increase is what I like to see, yep yep. She says it'll be number 2 for the weekend but I think it is too close to call yet.

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light fantastic

17 Again Berlin Premiere HQs

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ETA, International Box Office info from Variety:

Zac Efron's "17 Again" continued to score respectably overseas with $6.8 million at 1,417 in 17 markets for a cume of $27.5 million early in its run -- half of that from three weeks in the U.K. The laffer's French launch scored second with $2.68 million.

A $2.7 million debut in France is pretty awesome. I believe that is the best opening there for a US comedy so far this year.