April 11th, 2009

light fantastic

17 Again Interviews: San Francisco Chronicle, She Knows, Sudbury Star (2), STV

Interviews below but first vote if you think Zac can last here. And an updated...


April 11th: SNL
April 13th: The View (Zac)
The Today Show (Zac)
Possibly other NY appearances ie GMA
David Letterman (Zac)
April 14th: Los Angeles premiere (6pm @ Grauman's Chinese Theater)
April 15th: Ellen (Zac)
April 16th: Jimmy Kimmell Show (Zac)
David Letterman (Matthew)
Chelsea Handler (Melora)
April 17th: The View (Matthew)
Jay Leno (Leslie)
Jimmy Fallon (Matthew)
Much Music (Zac, recorded)
Bonnie Hunt Show (Michelle)
April 21st: Jimmy Fallon (Tom)
April 26th: Berlin premiere
April 27th: Madrid premiere

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Also there is a radio interview with Key 103 Manchester here. Will try to YT it later.

Also side note there is some international media we do not have yet because they are unavailable outside the US and/or are not online. If you recorded it or can grab it from online, if you can either upload it yourself or message me (or jeezbee) and we'll work it out.

Media missing:
Mornings with Kerri-Anne (Australia) April 6th show
MTV Australia News bit here
Funniest Home Videos (Australia, heard of via Twitter)
MTV After Show Canada (2 shows apparently) here

Oh one last thing... the Inside Film Show:

light fantastic

Zac Efron rehearsing for tonight's SNL

zettaiyo brought this on the sly pic over (I'm guessing from Twitter):

Oh and you can vote for HSM3 for Best Movie on the MTV Movie Awards prelim/long nominee list here.

ETA: The real reason Zac is hosting SNL... so the children of the President of NBC/Universal, Jeff Zucker, could meet him. ;) lol.

Oh and I see we aren't the only ones who hope Zac combs his hair tonight.

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