April 8th, 2009

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Awkward This Morning Interview

And I love how they are trying to blame it on Zac.

The commentary by the uploader in the last few seconds is priceless.

If I find an HQ version, I'll add it.

eta: tbh, i think the host (schofe or w/e) is kind of a douche. zac was really nice to him when he was there for hairspray, he even ate those weird jello boat thingees which had to have been nasty... why is he so derogatory about him now.

SNL Spot 2:


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FoD - Zacaroni and Cheese

ETA from People:

Even though Efron was the star, he didn't act like a big shot, adds Shankman. "[Zac] was blown away that we could put it together and he was really, deeply grateful. If you want to know what kind of people Zac and Vanessa [Hudgens] are ... I turned around and Vanessa was taking out the garbage and Zac was doing the dishes. They have no entitlement issues, it's all for one and one for all. Nothing is taken for granted."

What inspired Shankman to make the video? "The media forces us to take our lives so serious but we know we're not curing cancer so we might as well make people laugh, we're entertainers," he explains. "It's cool because everyone knows we're not getting paid, so there are no egos."

ETA2 from Dose.ca:

"To Efron's credit, he's a likable straight man in the clip. But then, we're thinking the kid's had some experience playing "embarrassed" lately (see: Interview mag photo shoot, and you know, that whole High School Musical thing)."

Disagree with the Interview mag part, that shit is hot man. HSM is neither here nor there, lol.

BTS Video (mostly of the dj):

Nicole Richie on FoD from US Weekly:

"Hey guys, check out this Funny or Die video with Zac Efron. It's hysterical! They were able to get some really great cameos... Vanessa Hudgens, Queen Latifah, and since Kate Winslet was busy, they called me ;)," the pregnant star blogs.

Richie also gushes about Efron.

"On a serious note, I had a fun time. It was my first time meeting Zac and he is every bit the gentlemen, far beyond his years," she says.
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LA Times blog on Jonny Quest

This isn't really confirmation that Zac is still anything more than somewhat attached to this project (because he doesn't name a source) but it is a nice article.

'Jonny Quest' gets Zac Efron but loses it's name?

I've written before about my fondness for "Jonny Quest," both the classic animated series and the revival script by Dan Mazeau that has been stirring much interest in Hollywood.

Now it looks like the rumors are true and that the plum role is going to Zac Efron, the 21-year-old pretty-boy star who is hoping the action role will help him dance away from youth-pop vehicles and whip up a career-redefining franchise in the Indiana Jones mode. (Dwayne Johnson is circling the project as well and would be the brawny version of pilot and man-of-action Race Bannon.)

The choice of Efron is going to stir up fans of the classic Quest series because, well, Jonny was just an 11-year-old in the prime-time cartoons of the 1960s that so deftly pulled on Milton Canniff, Ian Fleming and Rudyard Kipling for their spirit of exotic adventure. I myself think it's a surprising but interesting choice, and I'm one of the people in town who think Efron (like Justin Timberlake) has a big future ahead of him and that people will look back on his frothy Disney duty as just the early steps in the choreography of his career. Making Jonny older will change the property, to be sure, but maybe it will make it richer as well.

I'm more dismayed by news that folks at Warner Bros. are thinking of jettisoning the name Johnny Quest altogether. Why? I hear the thinking is that the vintage animation roots of "Quest" will somehow pair it in the public mind with "Speed Racer," which was a major Warners pile-up as blockbuster films go, considering the investment, expectations and critical reception. I'm not surprised because, well, unnuanced thinking in Hollywood is commonplace, and instead of spending the time needed to judge individual properties by their own merits, lots of decision-makers act like my grandmother at the racetrack. "A horse wearing an even number won each of the last two races, so they must be faster..."

I remember the people who predicted "Batman Begins" and the new Batman franchise would be DOA because, clearly, the American public was done with the caped crusader after Joel Schumacher's odious tips to Gotham City. How's that going?

Movies make it because of their scripts and their directors and, believe me, the only people who really give any further thought to "Speed Racer" all work on the studio lot in Burbank. I (and a lot of people like me) hope Quest makes it to the big screen with Mazeau's script, but it'd be a shame if it did so without that prestigious brand name and the legacy of sophisticated adventure that goes with it. Check out this nice montage of the old magic...


And this is a funny video jeezbee found of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Andy Fickman discussing Jonny Quest rumors during Race to Witch Mountain promo:

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SNL Promo Spots and Estimated Theater Count

Estimated theater count for 17 Again's opening weekend (from boxofficemojo.com):

To me this means they are hoping for somewhere in the $20s, maybe higher... idk. I am very curious how presales in the UK are going and what numbers will come in for Australia and the UK this weekend.

And a live stream of the 17 Again red carpet will be available for viewing here on Tuesday night.


Take it with a grain of salt since it is from Perez Hilton's twitter, but god willing May's GQ should blow April's right out of the fucking water. GQ mo fo here, yeah baby.


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