April 3rd, 2009

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Rumor Roundup

Zac had many offers after the 17 Again London premiere but apparently duplicated himself so he could hang out with both Diana Vickers and Ginny Weasley, lol:

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This has now morphed into:

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Yeah, lol.

And we have an April Fools Day joke by Moviehole:

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That one amuses me cause a couple of people picked it up as real. They must be blushing now.

The following could be true, but we'll classify it as rumor, to give this Roxanne person the benefit of the doubt:

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And one last one. This one was words taken out of context and also changed.

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Zac at ShoWest 2009 Awards Show

Zac was honored at ShoWest with the 2009 Breakthrough Performer of the Year:

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From USA Today:

For Zac Efron, ShoWest's breakthrough performer of the year, the only injury to worry about is at the box office.

"I really wanted to come here and meet the people who run the theaters," says Efron, who next stars in the comedy 17 Again, opening April 17. "These are the people who really help decide how successful your career is."

Zac also talked to EW about Footloose some more (nothing really new though they say it is an exclusive lol):

In about as polite a manner as he could muster, teenage heartthrob Zac Efron confessed to EW.com why he said no to the Footloose remake: He didn't want to be type-cast as the musical guy. In Las Vegas to receive the Showest Breakthrough Performer of the Year award, Efron confirmed what many in the industry had speculated. "I'm sure Footloose would have been a huge challenge," Efron said, "but the actors that I love and the actors that work really hard in this industry are always shaking things up, trying new genres, acquiring new skill sets. That's what's always going to appeal to me: the unknown." So Efron's trading in those dancing shoes for a shovel in The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud at Universal. Reuniting with 17 Again director Burr Stears, Efron will play a young man who takes a job as a cemetery caretaker where his younger brother has recently been buried. He has weekly meetings with his deceased sibling and begins a romantic relationship with a young woman believed to be missing in a sailing accident. He's not sure if she is real or an apparition.

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Corbin on growing up, and even more on Funny or Die

Corbin Bleu on Zac Efron: 'We can't be teenagers forever'

Corbin Bleu hopes to "shake off some of that nice-guy, wholesome image" he acquired while costarring in High School Musical 3: Senior Year. And he may be on his way: He's set to star with Mischa Barton and Elle Macpherson in The Beautiful Life, a CW drama pilot about the fashion industry. "I play a male model. I get to sing and pose," says Bleu to EW. "There will be some risqué stuff."

Hey, he's only following HSM3 costar Zac Efron's lead. To help promote his upcoming comedy 17 Again, Efron rolled in the mud with a naked gal for the latest issue of Interview. Bleu hasn't seen the photos, but he understands the motivation. "We can't be the teenagers we were in High School Musical forever, as much as parents wanted us to. Zac is serious about taking his career to the next level," says Bleu. "They sound like hot -- I mean arty -- pictures, so good for him."

Zac Efron Makes a Funny With His Famous Friends

Just call it Zac Efron & Friends.

Zac was in director-producer Adam Shankman's backyard the other day in Los Angeles, shooting a video for FunnyorDie.com.

Who did the guys enlist to help them out?

Shankman, a producer of the Efron's 17 Again and director of Hairspray, codirected the bit that features Vanessa Hudgens, Queen Latifah, Lance Bass, Carmen Electra, Lance Bass, Brody Jenner, Joel Madden, Nicole Richie and former MADtv crackup Nicole Sullivan.

Details are under wraps, but I've been told the video is tied to 17 Again. Sullivan, who is pregnant in real-life, plays a "white trash girl" and a Rolls Royce that Latifah drives in the video actually belongs to Shankman, according to a source.

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New 17 Again Stuff - Jim Gaffigan, Herald.ie, Independent UK, BBox


April 3rd:

Some PR stuff, possible screening per random twitters :|
Jay Leno (Tom Lennon!)

April 5th: More media
April 11th: SNL (Hunter, JT, and Tom as skit guests, please. please)
April 13th: The View (Zac)
The Today Show (Zac)
Possibly other NY appearances ie GMA
David Letterman (Zac)
April 14th: Los Angeles premiere (6pm @ Grauman's Chinese Theater)
April 15th: Ellen (Zac)
April 16th: Jimmy Kimmell Show (Zac)
David Letterman (Matthew)
Chelsea Handler (Melora)
April 17th: The View (Matthew)
April 26th: Berlin premiere
April 27th: Madrid premiere

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And as a prize for reading all of that, Bebo BBox Video:

lol awkwardly @ "Zachary David Alexander Efron"