March 20th, 2009

light fantastic

Too many mother uckers...

Uckin' with the tags... lol, but just so y'all see them, here are the Elle outtakes anyway...

The only untagged one leads:

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My take. 1) I am glad Disney didn't buy 17 Again. Shudder. 2) Depending on Zac's level of script approval, he could still walk away from Footloose. However, leaving could be a very damaging move to his relationship with Paramount. Worst case scenario, think Aquaman 2, if you know Entourage. But does staying do more damage to his career? IDK? I mean if he has some other stuff (good action movies, dramas or whatnot) lined up, no maybe not. But I don't think he does. He's being very picky (a good thing of course) but until Me and Orson Welles (17 Again might help too but less since it is a comedy) is released he may have a hard time getting the dramatic roles he wants. And Jonny Quest by his own admission is not ready yet.

Honestly (and not to beat a dead horse here), I really don't think Footloose is the greatest idea, but if it has to be made I wish it could be pushed back a year or two so he can do some other non-musical movies first. But I don't know that he can walk away unless the studio walks first or SAG strikes. Both of which seem unlikely. :/ I don't know, if somehow he can convince them it is mutually beneficial to postpone it (not dumping it completely though), that might be his best out temporarily. Also unlikely though.

Side note w/ no offense to the jobros stans: jobros are box office fail now. I'm curious to see if their movie ever gets made. Disney and the tween media circuit has always tried to force them on us but I've never believed they were hotter than zefron (or rpattzy when he came around). Say nothing of box office or nielsen numbers... just look at the Teen Choice Awards. Zac had louder squealing than the jobros, even though he didn't win for Choice Hottie. But since those aren't really based on votes I'm not surprised by his loss... w/e.