March 16th, 2009

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Since I am awake...

having woken up from a very strange dream about walking to baseball games in tunnels and eventually blowing someone up (too much Zac on Heist for me clearly) when the dynamite attached to balloons failed to drift far enough away, I thought I'd post the first pics of Zef at Melbourne. Thanks to Holden (Less_Than_Perfect) @ fanforum for making my waking up worth it, lol:

^me likee, blue shirt to bring out his blue eyes a++++, hair not flat a++++...

Still needing his Euro look back though for maximum hotness, but apparently Melbourne would've imploded if he brought that level of hotness. This place was a madhouse Holden said, but that Zac:

"Did sign something for this girl we had let in up against the barrier. She had a sign saying it was her birthday, and Zac went straight to her and signed her book. Despite how crazy it was he insisted on signing it for her."


Okay I'm going back to sleep now. Hopefully instead of dynamite, I dream of Zac.
light fantastic

Melbourne Premiere LQs + Articles

First two needed in HQ ASAP! EYES!

Herald Sun Video:

Excerpts from Herald Sun Article:

Efron has been staying at Crown Casino since the weekend and has been to a basketball match and played poker with band members from rock band Kings of Leon...

"Melbourne is a beautiful place, it is so easygoing."

Efron has been getting into the swing of things in Melbourne.

"Every time I think to myself, 'I'm too busy, I've gotta live!' then I go hang out with my friends in college, and they're just as busy as I am.

"I'm enjoying everything about my life at this particular moment."

Excerpts from The Age:

17 Again is replete with references to Star Wars and required Efron to take part in a light-sabre duel, which he said he approached respectfully. Training for it was chiefly a matter of studying the films intensely.

"I was already a huge fan," Efron said. "I've always wanted to do a light-sabre fight, but what opportunity in life am I ever going to actually have to fight on screen with a light-sabre?"

And he is proud of his work.

"Don't mess with me when I have my light-sabre," he warns.

ETA, awesome Hamish and Andy interview (now with hq audio):

light fantastic


Comments off Twitter show a very positive response to Me and Orson Welles at SXSW!!!

And someone for the love of god, go find us the Interview magazine and scan the shit out of that motherfucker. I cannot wait another second.

ETA: to make up for all those words you have to read:

gah, i just want to step in the picture and muss his hair up a bit. lol.

ETA, the austin360 stuff.

It sounds like the movie was well-received and that it will be released in October (in the fall, like we though). And I wish I'd gone. lol.

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light fantastic

Zefron's Interview Mag, First Scan...

More surely to follow.

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Muddy sexy Zac Efron, I love you so very very much.

ETA: why did they bother choosing girls clothes at all i wonder?

ETA2: More small versions of the other pics:

eta3: to fix my split infinitive and add the lead pic. oh and i need to add the link to the interview site for the first part of the interview. will do a separate post later with the scans or w/e.

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