March 13th, 2009

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First Review!!!

17 Again sees him playing the character of Mike O’Donnell at age 17, but we are first introduced to his character at age 40+. Matthew Perry plays the character in his older state and battling a divorce with his wife and strained relationships with his two children, he finds himself mysteriously cast back to his senior year at school. What follows is a hilarious romp where Mike must right some of his earlier wrongs whilst patching the fragile relationships with his loved ones.

Although it may first appear as anything but original (think Freaky Friday and Suddenly 30) it is delivered in such a fresh manner that you quickly forget about the other incarnations. Zac is brilliant on screen, no doubt satisfying the millions of tweens that will go and see the film for him alone, but he also brings an astonishing maturity to his character who at heart, is far older than he appears. The film may initially appeal to kids, but I think it will rapidly find an audience with the parents who take their kids to see it. The relationship building between Zac and his kids/wife is so relatable and I’m sure kids of all ages will find something to love in this film, if nothing else than the nerd friend who happens to sleep in a bed shaped like Luke Skywalker’s land speeder.




i love graham norton. he is so effing hilarious.

and he's going to be on ant and dec's last show.

17 Again Promo Schedule:
March 11th: Sydney premiere (5:45pm @ Hoyts-Entertainment Quarter)
March 15th: Rove
March 16th: Melbourne premiere (6pm @ Village Cinemas Jam Factory)
March 21st: Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway
March 23rd: Meet and Greet Signing (5:30pm @ Fnac-Châtelet, Paris)
March 24th: Paris premiere (8:30p @ Gaumont Opera)
March 25th: Graham Norton Show
March 26th: London premiere (@ Odeon West End Leicester Square)
March 28th: Nick KCAs
April 2nd: ShoWest Awards Gala thingee
April 11th: SNL
April 14th: Los Angeles premiere (6pm @ Grauman's Chinese Theatre)
April 26th: Berlin premiere (same as Madrid, found on zefron, don't know where this came from though).
April 27th: Madrid premiere (tbh, I don't know where this date came from so consider it tentative).
light fantastic

17 Again Soundtrack update

Amazon has updated the 17 Again soundtrack product description.

They added a track listing, but left off the artists. I see they wanted to challenge me. lol.

I tried figuring it out - some were obvious, some not so obvious. Comment with feedback or suggestions on my guesses and also tell me if you love or hate it. :)

On My Own Don't think it's Les Mis (unless it's the techno remix, lol), The Used probably, or maybe Lil Wayne or Three Days Grace (seems too heavy).
Can't Say No No idea, but maybe Helio Sequence or Jimmie Vaughan
L.E.S. Artistes Santogold
Naive The Kooks
This is Love PJ Harvey is my guess based on the rest of the tracks, but could be Kelly Rowland :\
You Really Wake Up the Love in Me The Duke Spirit
The Greatest Cat Power
Rich Girls The Virgins (I think...)
This is for Real Motion City Soundtrack
Drop Ying Yang Twins? Or a few others.
Cherish The Association, Kool and the Gang or Madonna? I'm guessing Madonna for the 80s thing
Bust a Move Young MC
Danger Zone Kenny Loggins (lol 80s) or maybe Gwen Stefani

Here is yt playlist based on the known ones plus a couple of my best guesses:

light fantastic

More 17 Again promo - Sydney media rounds + TV Promo

Hot 30 Countdown radio interview (this is where they talk about Watchmen and condoms):

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Other random details:
While in Sydney, Zac went to Taylor Swift's concert. Zac is already in Melbourne and attended the NBL Grand Final Game 5 where he watched the Crazy John's South Dragons win the championship against the Melbourne Tigers. He also apparently chewed his gum with his mouth open. In his defense he is apparently stuffed up with a cold. Wait is this getting too stalkerish. lol.

And since he's going to be on Ant and Dec and Graham Norton, can he please do Jonathan Ross too? :) :) :)

One last thing, the tv spot:

ETA: JJJ posted a pic of the b-ball game:

LOL I totally went through all the wire photos of this game looking for him but did not see him anywhere.

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