February 25th, 2009

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I love Zef's like endless love for his bffs.

Zef and Vanessa hanging out with Bubba Lewis (former Miracle Run costar) for his birthday at Hard Rock Cafe. Bubba is going to cameo in 17 Again also, btw.

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Aww, they took time out of Pre-Oscar Party Night to hang with his bff.
light fantastic

That's right you sell it to the cougars, bb.

According to People.com, April's Family Circle mag will feature an interview with Zac Efron:

While Zac Efron plays the cool star of High School Musical onscreen, he wasn't a real-life heartthrob growing up.

"I was average," he admits in the April issue of Family Circle. "I had a lot of friends but I was not in that ultracool circle. I was a bit of a class clown. I guess to get through the tedium of the quadratic formula, I thought everyone was fair game."

^Leslie Mann is a cougar, trufax.

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No doubt this is part of the promotion for 17 Again and is clearly aimed for the cougar soccer mom crowd that willingly begrudgingly takes their daughters to Zac's movie because of how much they their daughters love Zac's amazing abs smile.

light fantastic

Two tidbits:

One: Zac is being honored by ShoWest as the Breakthrough Performer of the Year for 2009.

That is a pretty awesome accolade given that ShoWest is majorly important in the film industry. I can't say it much better than the Broadway World article so:

"ShoWest is the largest annual convention for the motion picture industry. It is the only international gathering devoted exclusively to the movie business and the single largest international gathering of motion picture professionals and theatre owners in the world."

Pretty sweet that the people in charge of theater distribution think he's the next big thing too.

From the pr:

Efron will be presented with the ShoWest Breakthrough Performer of the Year Award at ShoWest’s Final Night Banquet and Award Ceremony on Thursday, April 2nd, at Bally’s and Paris Las Vegas.

"When Zac Efron made his debut, with the cast of 'Hairspray' at ShoWest 2007, many in attendance took notice of this young actor’s incredible talent," said Neuhauser. "His undeniable onscreen presence and charm have connected with fans around the world, and with the impending release of the comedy "17 Again", Zac Efron is poised to break out as a true Hollywood star. We are so pleased to be able to present him with the ShoWest 2009 Breakthrough Performer of the Year Award."

Go Zeffy!

ETA: LA Times Article

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Two: Possible MAOW Screenings

Also, there is a chance Me and Orson Welles will be a part of the "Filmmakers Symposium," essentially a film festival in New Jersey running for about the next twelve weeks. The final films haven't been decided yet, but if you are interested check out their website. Although it promises surprise visits by cast and crew, I would guess with 17 Again promotion happening that Zac would not be among them.