February 22nd, 2009

seahawks rule says z

Okay, so I teased yesterday...

But this is for real:


Fuck Zac Efron looks hot in a top hat. OMG.

I'm going to descend into geeky fangirling here, but I am so excited for Zac tonight and I can just imagine what he's like today getting ready - one part giggleball and two parts serious as shit performer (I mean, seriously, the look on his face in that pic, geez). He is going to rock the fucking house and show the rest of the world what we already know... that he is immensely hot, totally capable, adorably charismatic and talented as fuck. Enough with the superlatives? Let the show begin, baby!

source, thanks to glamour_addict for the bigger pic. :)

late eta: Zac and V @ rehearsals on Saturday with Jared.

seahawks rule says z


He's on the red carpet!

But his hair looks like Golden Globes flat :( but still he is fucking hot.

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Source: most of this from ff, some from ontd.

My commentary...


Ugghh. I am tired of the Diet Pepsi ads. That is all.

Finally the awards start:

I love this format. I loved the opening, even if it was slightly ridiculous.

Best supporting actress:

I love the way they had the five ladies present. I felt it was very sweet and made the occasion really special and momentous, as it should be.

Screenplay awards:

And I'm loving Steve Martin and Tina Fey's presentation (her dress is gorgeous), and their dig at Scientology, lol.

OMG glamour_addict! Dustin Lance Black won, but he didn't hug Zef since it wasn't him presenting. But his speech was amazing and moving! What a sweetie.

Animated feature:
OMG I <3 Jack Black. And Jen's dress is amazing. And lol at the cut from Jen presenting to Angelina laughing. And the presentation of the films in this category is so fucking awesome.

And the song the played as the short animation film winner came up sounded vaguely like "Belle" from Beauty and the Beast, which confused me momentarily.

And I've decided, as I told shrewtee, that Zef is channeling Jack Dawson with his slicked back hair:

This makes his hair slightly more acceptable to me. LOL. But seriously, get a hair cut or stick to your boy bangs. But if you go slightly shorter Zef, you rock it both ways.

The Art Awards:

Umm, still resentful that HSM3 wasn't involved here. I mean, how they dressed that cafeteria was fucking amazing, considering it was a real high school not a set.

Anyway, the set is beautiful, awards boring. And they play that theme again, the "Belle"-esque theme. Ugh, I hate that when it isn't really a borrowing, but it sounds like one. Sometimes having eagle ears, sucks.

Romance in 2008:

Okay rpattzy and seyfried were stiff, boring, and not funny. Boo.

And wtf at them using the Jimmy the Rocket clip. I like the other hsm3 clips, of course. And I'm so pleased they used the Wall-E kiss last. SO CUTE!


LOL @ Ben Stiller. And thank god they finally panned out so we could see him wandering around.

Um science awards or whatever... boring and while I actually think Jessica Biel is pretty her dress wasn't.

Oh and the commercial for the Soloist. No thank you. I hate cello movies, they are usually lame.

Comedy 2008:

LOL @ the Pineapple Express take on this. Fuck awesome.


Awww, Zaccy. QT pie. That is why you don't grease your hair so much, your hat will fall off, lol.

I didn't really like the number that well and it could have used more Zac Efron (like times about a gagillion), but that's okay.

He did really well and sounded good and on pitch. Oh and he didn't trip. LOL.

The slow mo "You Can't Stop the Beat" was weird and they used one of the few songs Zac and Vanessa didn't sing in HSM.

Anyway. I see what Baz was going for, but it needed more work. They seriously should have just had the HSM cast fucking rock out to Night to Remember or something. Ugh.

Still - Zac you done good!

(yeah, they should have sung Just Wanna Be With You, definitely).


Love the Man on A Wire. :)

Second thoughts on the musical performance:

Having had a few minutes to think about this performance, I have further thoughts. I love it, of course, for Zac. But I think what bothers me about this whole thing is that Zac and Vanessa and Hugh (idk about the other two) can do so much better. I mean, it just wasn't at their level so it was kind of uninspired.

Disney/ABC really should have just had the HSM cast working on some hot shit from January 1 and integrated Hugh and Beyonce into it. It would have fucking rocked so much more than that.

That is what bothers me. For people unfamiliar with HSM, they now think that ridiculous medley was probably on par with what was in HSM. Which is totally not true, of course. I mean, the songs may suck but the performances in HSM are top notch.

Notice too they barely gave the Mamma Mia people anything to do, cause they can't bring it like Hugh, Beyonce, Zac or Vanessa.

Anyway. I still love it just for Zac and I love that they had the amazing opportunity to participate. But the number was a little bit of an insult to their abilities.

Okay, that off my chest. We're coming up to Zac's award presentation. Please, just let him be more interesting than rpattzy was (which shouldn't be hard).

I kind of blanked out until Zac came back on to present. YEAH!

And I am loving this medley. Having seen it and especially within the context of the show, I don't think presenting the songs this way was disrespectful to the writers at all. It was beautifully done.

He was so cute and very smooth. Good job bb!

Okay I'm kind of ignoring the rest of this... sort of, lol. Um. But it was cute of the Slumdog director to say good job to the Oscar presentation peeps.

And can I just lol at the "We're all in this together" in the Hyundai commercial. Seriously I keep hearing that phrase everywhere now in reference to the recession and life sucking. But it just makes me laugh cause all I can think of HSM.

Best Actress:

OMG this format kills me. It just is so full of meaning, so beautiful. Really makes the moment something to remember for the nominees. And all of them are so beautiful. And can I just say Kate Winslet is my hero and the best moment of the night had to be her dad whistling to her. LOL <3

Best Actor:

idc who wins but I want to know if they boys will cry. lol.

Sean Penn gave a pretty class speech, I'm impressed.

I guess we're onto Best Movie??

Okay, yes. Yeah! Slumdog Millionaire. Yeah!

Ummm... no, Seventeen Again in that montage but they'll show a burning hamster, wtf?!

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seahawks rule says z

Forgive my geekiness.

Musicals may be back, but if this medley proved anything it's that they, like this performance, need 100% more Zac Efron.

After viewing their musical segment again and thinking about jazzbee and glamour_addict's comments, I have some more thoughts. But these are more geeky than just OMG HE'S SO CUTE! Although, I'm not promising they are all well thought out... I'm kind of hungry and tired.

I think the biggest problem with this number (as it stands) is the cinematography. They used way too many long shots and shots of Beyonce and Hugh when they could have or should have featured Zef and Vanessa or Amanda Seyfried and Dom Cooper. Like, hello, I want close ups of Zef and it kills me because you expect it but it never comes. And it isn't even just missing Zac shots... like when the drumline came out I still can't figure out what the hell the dancers were doing. Like was it a Grease handjive? Ughh. I think a lot of thought went into the staging (well sort of) but nothing seemed to go into camera angles and such. Which, when you think about it, is really sort of ironic. I have a feeling the long shots were being used to cover up their ill-preparation, which makes me nervous cause the people in the theater would've seen everything. :/

But there are deeper problems here than just that.

It is funny that I had the same immediate reaction to this piece as I did to my first viewing of (parts of) Moulin Rouge, confusion. They are trying to create a narrative out of different previously extant musical works in the way that Moulin Rogue so beautifully and cleverly succeeded. And although obviously this number is not as well-crafted as Moulin Rouge, it does gel mentally after additional viewings. But the problem is, this is very much a single-viewing format.

Also weakening the success of this number are the song choices and arrangements. I'm torn about some (okay a lot) of these, not just for the story-telling aspect. I'm trying to remember if there were any moments in Moulin Rouge that were as layered musically as this was towards the end. This certainly doesn't help the confusion. And some of the transitions were unbelievably awkward and poorly arranged, like the overlap of "At Last" and "It's Our Last Chance" as well as the weird "You Can't Stop the Beat" segue. The musical arrangement without a doubt misused and underutilized the supporting couples which also undermined its coherence.

Perhaps the biggest question is, were these were really the best representations of years of movie musicals? I honestly don't know and I'd have to think on that one a long time.

Overall, in terms of musical composition as well as cinematically, they could have done more to create unity within the work which would have helped in this single-viewing format, at least for the home viewer.

I'm really curious about the in-house audience reaction, where they wouldn't have to rely on the camera to choose what's interesting to look at. It seemed positive enough, although one blog said it definitely didn't garner the standing ovation the first number did. But even if it were a stellar performance, this late in the show I'm not sure it would've done so anyway, especially since it wasn't a self-referential mockumedley. Plus, let's not kid ourselves, it was medley dedicated to musicals, which never (at least in recent history) seem to get the respect they deserve in Hollywood.

In terms of performance, I think everyone did well enough. Zac and Vanessa's harmonies were weird especially at first, but it settled down (or she stopped singing for a second or they turned her mic down since the harmonies weren't working, idk? I can't figure it out but he seems to be singing the right notes, although he was sharp on 'share'). That's about the only comment I can make on their performance because everything else about their work was lost to the long lenses and ridiculously small amount of singing they did. Although I did hear Zef's voice poking through the crowd occasionally and I loved those brief moments.

Okay, so there is my in depth analysis of it. Don't get me wrong, it was enjoyable but this is what I do... dissect musical things.

That said, I feel obligated to fangirl a teensy bit. Oh god, I love his voice. And yes, he is so hot in a top hat, white tie and tails.