February 5th, 2009


Zefron will attend the Melbourne and Sydney premieres

Maybe I should go visit my Aunt in Sydney. LOL.


Hold onto your hair-gel, the perfectly coiffed
[note: haha, wut?] teen heart-throb Zac Efron is returning to Australia.

The star of the Disney juggernauts High School Musical and Hairspray will attend the Sydney and Melbourne premieres of his new film 17 Again next month. In the movie, a middle-aged loser, played by Friends star Matthew Perry, is transported back 20 years to his heydey as the star of the high school basketball team, played by Efron.

If the role sounds familiar, lets hope it is not prophetic for Efron, who is best known for playing Troy Bolton, the star of the high school basketball team in the High School Musical franchise.

Post-Friends, Perry has made headlines less for his acting and more for his rehab admissions for drug and alcohol problems. The all-singing, all-dancing Efron is also working on a remake of 1980s teen-hit Footloose, taking the role of Ren McCormack that was made famous by Kevin Bacon.

HELLO, Hairspray was NOT Disney! WTF? They clearly haven't seen it cause they'd know Disney would never allow such blatant sexual euphemism in their songs. Bad editing, boo.

More importantly, Zac will be in Australia sometime in March. The promo schedule is becoming clearer, but still is about as clear as mud. I definitely feel like they are going to run him ragged going to all corners of the earth to promote this thing. They'd be fools not to, they need to try to capitalize on some of the massive international business HSM3 did.

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So in the end, I have no idea what will happen, lol, I hate statistics. It could go as low as $60 million and I'd still call it a success, or at least not a flop (which I'd reserve for not making its budget back), but obviously, bigger is better (ty Sharpay Evans). If I had to guess, I'd project a $20 million opening, on par with 13 Going on 30, and a total gross of $100-$120 million with a 60/40 split.