February 4th, 2009

light fantastic

17 Again Poster and random pics

Poster for Zac Efron's new movie:

They should have not had him with the backpack. Backpacks are for dorks, especially red ones.

Plus some random pics from one of the Japan interviews:

His use of the burgundy as above and here:

Makes me certain he is a Gryffindor... even if he is missing the gold. Further proof, Gryffindor colors correspond to the Wildcats.

And apparently the boy is in Brazil?

Okay, I'm all for vacations Zac, but please get a job soon. Or go to school. Or build houses for Habitat for Humanity. Or something like majorly productive. Cause when you are lazy, I am inspired to be lazy.

Yes that is lame, I realize... but to be fair, I've created another Kira masterpiece, which shall be posted later. So I guess I'm productive, just not in the right way. LOL.