January 29th, 2009

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Mezamashi TV Segment and Misc Japan Pics

Zac Efron and Vanessa on Mezamashi TV where they showed some cute pics of their travels:

Screencaps of their photos:

Most of the questions you can guess from Z and V's responses, all but this one when they are looking at the picture of them in the city with the lights. Zac says why they took a picture there and then:

Int: I bet not a lot of people noticed you guys?
Z: That was the best part

Some random pics of Zac from a photocall in Tokyo:

Collapse )

And the night of the premiere:

Collapse )

Meet and Greet:

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light fantastic

Seriously traumatized here...

We broke ohnotheydidnt!

Is this the last ohnotheydidnt post ever? OH NOEZ!

Temporary refuge is found at ohnotheydidnt.

ETA: I should explain for my non-ontd friends, we broke the community by reaching an apparently unknown limit on comments that is somewhere in the vicinity of 16.8 million comments. From the LJ-Gods: "Your community is the first to reach this limit, which we were unaware existed." Buried deep in code somewhere is this number. This is worse than Y2K.
light fantastic

Something about a movie called Ohio.

Okay, so Star Magazine is reporting that Zac Efron, Justin Timberlake and Robert Pattinson (whom I lovingly refer to as rpattzy not because he is a bad actor but because he is just not that hot), are vying for the lead role in a movie about the 1970 Kent State shootings which occurred during Vietnam protests.

Star Magazine says that movie bosses are likely to give Rob the lead (of the three main characters) over Zac and JT and that the latter two are having a cow because of that. Cause they have 'more experience'.

Hmmm, supposing this is true who do I think would be the best lead? Or even best for these roles period.

Well, I'm not sure I think JT fits with Zac and Rob. Mostly I say this due to age, although I'm not sure about his ability having never watched any of his acting work. This may be explained away by the characters ages differing, but idk. I'd chose someone else, someone with more indie cred if they want to go the serious route. But pretty please, not Michael Cera (see internet hate michael cera meme).

Zac and Rob I think could actually do well in this film. I don't like rpattzy but I won't begrudge him that in movies other than Twilight he is probably not that bad of an actor. Just like Zac isn't a bad actor just because he was in a Disney musical. (Side note: it really is illogical... I mean, seriously, look at Christian Bale, also a Disney musical alum.)

So then how to chose between the two.

At the link listed below, almost everyone seems to think Rob is the best choice. Um, okay. They think Zac and JT are lame singers who can't act. Well, Zac obviously can act. I mean, I'm not sure I'd put him up there with Gary Oldman (or even Bale) but he can act pretty well and he is constantly working to improve his craft (which sounds really pretentious I know, but my vocab is limited by exhaustion). He did well enough before HSM came along.

not!ONTD thinks all three are ridiculous options. Well they are all grumpy from this morning's debacle. That and they are judging on the mainstream movies alone, movies which they probably haven't even seen. So basically they are judging on nothing but hype and rumor. Hmm.

Anyway. I think they both can pull in a tween/teen audience just gauging by the reaction to Zac's 17 Again trailer running ahead of HSM and by Twilight's (completely inexplicable) popularity. So it should probably be based on what is best for the role and I'm not sure with so little info at this point that we can judge whether Zac or Rob would fit better into the lead.

So there is some casting news (long-awaited even if it has a 50% chance of being fake) with some commentary.