January 18th, 2009

light fantastic

Ooooh! New photoshoot/interview coming soon?!?!?!

According to a fashion intern for Interview magazine, she worked with a male and a female model to create possible outfit choices for an upcoming (TUESDAY!) photoshot with Zac Efron and some mystery girl. This must be for 17 Again promo... Hurray!

Maybe this means a real haircut? Do we dare to dream?

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Who do we think the girl is? If it is for 17 Again it must be Michelle. Or maybe Leslie?

Actually, I do hope it will be Leslie. I think that would be better marketing for the movie (as well as sweeter). They don't need to appeal to the youth crowd with Michelle as they've got Zac. But Leslie Mann has a totally separate demo she can pull in and she lends the film more credibility than Michelle. Plus I find the Mike/Scarlett promo pics to be so cute. Even so, I'm sure they'll stick to slightly blah with Michelle. Oh well.

ETA: I'm a failure for forgetting: