December 6th, 2008

light fantastic

Zac Efron >>>>> Michael Cera

Still no pics :( I'm happy for Zac getting some privacy but sad because I need more Zac hotness and hopefully news of exciting new roles!

Note to Zac Efron's publicist, please arrange to release some outtakes from the Teen Vogue or Details shoot. Those might pacify me. I'm still hoping for this shot:

But I have to say, I saw this article on Google News pop up and it opened with:

Michael Cera is the geek equivalent of Zac Efron, of High School Musical fame. The difference is that Efron can’t act and his chances of having a career after the frenzy of High School Musical dies down are slim.

Cera, on the contrary, is shaping up to be an original comedian and a highly skilled actor — possibly one of the best of his generation.

In the past two years, he’s had a remarkable run with three hits in a row: Superbad (2007), the amazing Juno (2007) and now Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist...

I'm sorry but WHAT THE FUCK?

Is this person on crack?

Did they miss the fact that Michael Cera has played the same person in every fucking movie/tv show he's been in. Not just that, but the roles he's played are basically all derivatives of himself. This is not what I'd call acting.

I'm not naive or stupid enough to think Zac Efron is the best actor ever, but you cannot compare him to and deem him worse than Michael Cera. He's at least had roles that aren't just him standing around being himself and saying lines. He even does pretty well in those roles (not to mention how much better he keeps getting with every role). And musicals (even DCOM ones) are challenging and most of the other young Hollywood kids wouldn't be able to do them for shit. Oh and we can't forget to mention how effing hot zef is. All told, zefron has a way better chance of surviving long-term.

Anyway, I'm too lazy to register there just to comment on the ridiculousity that is their article but felt compelled to mention it here.

Side note: I still have 15 frames left to edit to finish my Zac Xmas ani. I don't think the whole thing will stay under the 40mb limit for a userpic but I still want to finish it and post it in my ani gallery.