March 29th, 2008

light fantastic

Zac Efron in Mike O'Donnell's gangsta getup

BTS and in costume on 17 Again...

He totally needs a copious amount of tattoos on his arms to be taken seriously in that outfit. Although, I'm not sure even that would help cause it certainly doesn't work for kfed.
And yes, that is a wig... his dorky 1989 hair wig.
ETA: Megome says it isn't his 1989 wig... just his hair styled to be dorky.


Also, here's to hoping Zaccy will be at the Nick Kid's Choice Awards today. Though I'm not holding my breath since Z has apparently vanished off the face of the earth...
light fantastic

Update on Dreamer

So on the zefron boards someone has been inquiring about Zac's pets... which per earlier Bop and J14 and Popstar mags we knew to be Dreamer and Puppy (Australian Shepherds) and Simon (a Siamese cat). A couple of people mentioned that Dreamer died last year sometime so I managed to find the reference for the fact.


* His dog recently died, but he has another dog and a cat to keep him company.

From: Efron dancing to his own beat
By Terry Morrow
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
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