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2 More from Gibsons and Duane's FB

I am posting this fish creation called, "Look Who's in Town, Just Hanging Around" from the Gibsons Landing Salmon Festival 2009, which is cute:

I am also posting this pic of Duane from the same day:

Description says this:

Duane at the Gibsons Landing Salmon Festival 2009. Thank you Linda Williams for taking this photo! Notice the American Flag still up even though this is Canada. I think that might also be a Washington State flag, the green one, next to it, while the British Columbia flag looks like a setting sun and the British Flag combined together. A film set prop left by the movie crew over the weekend shooting break.

And he's right. It is a Washington state flag next to the US flag. So I guess that answers the question of where the film is set. But, based on Sam's clothing, it does appear the Red Sox are still a significant part of the story.

You can check out the fish in more up-close pics on his FB. The text bubbles are sweet.
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