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More pics by Duane Burnett

This guy rocks for taking pics of the Charlie St. Cloud Gibsons locations for all of us who can't be there :D

As before, I'm posting a few but visit his flickr for many more!

the sign is up:

tents are up:

the querencia... red sailboat on the left, second back:

good view from the opposite side:

big lights:

for night shooting:

looks like they are using this house:

people watching the happenings:

stuff that makes this all possible:



and more trucks:

base camp:

The story is here, but basically she was staying at his hotel and she saw him as he was on his way to somewhere. He couldn't stop but she had presence of mind (ikd how, lol) to snap a pic as he drove away.

ETA2: and this girl was on set

Sounds like she was an extra. She's actually taken the Charlie stuff off her blog entry but thanks to google cache, it lives forever! (lol, I'm getting punchy, can you tell?).


(LOL) ETA3: Is Ray Liotta the fireman? this is nothing close to for sure but that might be pretty cool :D

This is from a commenter on Duane Burnett's FB:

Okay, just for some clarification... Ray Liotta is apparently involved in the infamous Raccoon project (lol) filming in Seattle... the one that was supposed to be starring James McAvoy. Then it stalled after running into financial difficulties (but not after having already started ruining some family's house in Seattle for filming, oops). Anyway, now McAvoy is out and Tobey Maguire is in it. Oh Tobey. But none of that should be filming in Vancouver, I don't think. So why is Liotta in Gibsons? For fun? IDK BUT HE WOULD BE A GREAT FIREMAN.

Per the girl who took the pics, he was apparently waiting for a water taxi, but he does seem to be with production people, so idk idk :)

Oh and slightly more official casting details on two characters from imdb:

Dave Franco ... Sully (rumored)
Matt Ward ... Derek Conners (rumored)
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