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Ed Westwick envies Zac's body.

I probably wouldn't normally post this but I am finding it hilarious... possibly because I'm still in that groggy half-asleep state of existence.

From JJJ:

Gossip guy Ed Westwick is determined to rival Zac Efron in not only the heartthrob arena, but also the body arena.

A source close to the 22-year-old British-born actor tells Life & Style mag, “After seeing new pics of Zac in magazines, Ed’s determined to get cut like him. Ed has no muscles or definition and really wants to improve his body.”

Yeah, no offense, but having seen pics on ONTD of Ed in swim trunks, I don't blame him for wanting to improve his muscle tone and definition.

But just to make this more zac-filled (shrewtee avert your eyes, lol):

LOL even funnier these dudes on twitter are discussing this and how awful it is that Zac is a paradigm of fitness... just cause you don't like him, doesn't make him not fit, sorry to say. But, tbh, his legs could use some work... not much, but a little bit.
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