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Joe blogs about Zac and SGU

Joseph Mallozzi, consulting producer for SGU, had this to say:

Zac Efron took a stroll through the Destiny set. No kidding. While meeting Ming-Na and Elyse Levesque yesterday, he apparently mentioned he was a Stargate fan and expressed an interest in taking a little tour of Stage 4. Of course the production was more than happy to oblige. By all accounts, he really liked what he saw – so much so that he requested a screener of the SGU premiere. I’m sure that can be arranged as well. I’ll admit that I’m not familiar with his work, but from I’ve heard about the guy from those who have met him – and, more importantly, have or are working with him – he’s very professional, incredibly focused, grounded, courteous and kind. And, as I’ve often said, as someone who works in the industry, I know enough to put a hell of a lot more stock in the firsthand opinion of a hair and make-up person than an infinite number of polished t.v. interviews, magazine blurbs, or supermarket tabloids. Anyway, nice to hear.


BUT... John Lenic promised pictures. I need pictures of Zac at the Stargate! LOL.
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