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May 19th
11:33 am
News Roundup, sort of  
Dates for Seventeen Again
Michelle Trachtenberg said in a recent interview with Ryan Seacrest that 17 Again is coming out in January 2009. However a recent M magazine said September 2008. So still confusion abounds with no concrete date. Although I would take Michelle's word over a teen mag.

Two accounts of being on the HSM3 set: 1 2

I've been watching old episodes of 30 Rock and somehow missed this gem the first time around. In the episode Cougars, Liz goes out with a younger guy... like seventeen years younger. While discussing this relationship with Jenna she says this about the positive aspects of her boyfriend:

“He looks like Zac Efron... that’s a thing, right?”

The boy does not look that much like Zac to be totally honest, but he was kinda cute. But not as cute as zef!

Girl gets trespassing ticket to meet Zacefron.

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