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Hader mentions the Use Your Noodle sketch + 2 fan pics

Nothing really big but Bill Hader was talking to io9 about scifi and SNL and they asked him this:

Will there be a lot more science-fictional sketches in the new season?

I don't know, honestly I have no idea what I'm going to do up until the moment we do it. We had a character last season that we want to do again called "Greg Is Not An Alien." We want to do that again. We tried it once with Zac Efron and it didn't fully work. So we might try that idea again. That was a lot of fun to do. That's John Mulaney, Simon Rich and I, they made that thing so funny.


from twitterer kaileey:

the cap-less sharpie makes me oh so nervous for their clothes, lol

eta: based on a twitter from what appears to be an sgu makeup (?) person, it sounds like zac might be in the studio today.
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