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Aug 30th
07:18 pm
Thanks! And random internet fun things!  
Thanks for all the love guys!

I said it in the post below in comments but I wanted to say it somewhere to make sure you all knew how much I appreciated it. I've met so many interesting people doing this and I'm just grateful you guys think I'm worthy of providing the Zac news.

This was twittered today and I thought it was cute... Zac was apparently at Urban Fare (again):

Since Zac has mostly been laying low (or ignored for the twatlighters... the only good thing about twilight ;) maybe, lol), to have some fun I'm going to post some of the random Zac stuff I've come across on the interwebs and in the twitterverse:

^must have been on the wb or universal lot, i can't remember when this happened exactly.

^didn't realize zac was fictional

i really need to find the new sandwich baggies with zac on them.

source: the internets
Mood: busybusy
Ashley in the Sky with Diamondschicken_queen on August 31st, 2009 03:00 am (UTC)
We're the ones who should be thanking YOU! You're so thorough with your Zac news and sightings, and it must be a little bit time-consuming to do all this. Plus, sharing the things you get from your secret sources, I - and I'm sure, everyone else here - really appreciate everything you post!

I just hate that I always seem to be late to the parties. Every time I see a post, it already has a million comments. I WANT INTO YOUR FUN CLUB!